Animal Kung Fu Workshops @ UMAC School in Victor NY

The Flashy 3: Tiger, Crane, & Monkey
Fly like a crane, pounce like a tiger, and roll like a monkey! This seminar, structured for kids and limber adults, will focus on the more “acrobatic” aspects of the animal systems. The workshop will cover how to integrate animal mindsets and movements into your practice. You’ll also learn a short animal form.

The Fighting 5: Tiger, Crane, Snake, Leopard, Monkey
The second seminar will focus specifically on the martial aspects of different animal systems. In addition to practicing different animal techniques in both classical and modern concepts, this workshop also focuses on the hows and whys of transitioning between the different animal personas.

Saturday, September 24th
at the United Martial Arts Center in Victor, NY
160 School Street Victor, New York 14564 (across from Post Office)
Contact Number: (585) 924-7450

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