This year’s Renaissance Martial Arts Festival will be October 18th and 19th. Master Instructors from inside and outside the Rochester area will be sharing new techniques, concepts and ideas from a wide range of martial arts. All arts and experience levels are encouraged to participate.

The weekend is filled with numerous opportunities to receive hands on, personal instruction in these arts. Meet and work with other martial artists from the Rochester area. Saturday night features a group dinner, offering another opportunity for participants and instructors to mingle!

This year’s workshops will include:

Saturday, October 18th 

Genri-Ryu Life Protection Arts
Sensei Steve Pearlman
(New Paltz, NY)

Goju Ryu Karate
Sensei Kevin Suggs
(Portchester, NY)

Kempo Lock Flows
Sensei Raffi Derderian
(Johnston, RI)

Sa Ba Nim Chris LaCava
(Westport, CT)

Modern Jui Jitsu
Sensei John Borter
(Scotia, NY)

Sambo (Russian Grappling)
Rob Terilizzi
(San Francisco, CA)

Close Quarter Combat
Master George Curbelo Jr.
(Stampford, NY)

Sunday, October 19th 

Zenbu Ryu JuJitsu
Sensei Lou Zuccaro
(Brooklyn, NY)

Krav Maga
Tim Kubit
(Rochester, NY)

Special Weapons Class
Guro Eric Winfree
(Syracuse, NY)

Liu Seong Combat Arts
Sifu Dan Donzella
(Syracuse, NY)

Gumdo (Korean Sword)
Sa Ba Nim Justin Duvall
(Rochester, NY)

Personal Defense Readiness
Tom Moore
(Syracuse, NY)

We’ll continue to update the website as more instructors confirm

Registration for the festival begins at 7.00 am, on Saturday the 18th. Workshops run from 8.00 am – 5.30 pm.

Admission, which includes water and light refreshments, is $40 a day or $70 for both days. There is a $15 discount for College Students. Please e-mail us about for group rates. Download the Festival Flyer (.pdf)

For a better idea about what the weekend is like, you can visit the page for last year’s festival and its flickr gallery.