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Getting ready for lots of seminars

The next few months are going to be really busy for us. Not only do we have a number of students testing for their white sash in a few weeks, but there are a number of great events that are

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10th Annual CMAWNY Challenge Tournament in Spencerport New York

10th Annual CMAWNY Challenge Tournament in Spencerport New York, hosted by Sa Bum Nim Christopher Gonnoud. More information on this can be found here.

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Seminar Series: JDK Concepts for Martial Artist

In these monthly seminars, Sifu Eric Winfree explores the movements, techniques, and explosive power of Jeet Kune Do and how it can be applied to ANY system. Topics covered will include movement, centerline theory and intercept theory. The April seminar

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The BaGua Extravaganza

Join Sifu Ben Hill, AKA Maoshan, and Novell LaoShi, AKA The Black Taoist, for a day long intensive workshop exploring real martial applications of the Cheng & Yin systems of BaGuaZhang. You’ll gain an indepth understanding of how to utilize

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Satatoga Martial Arts Festival

100 styles flow into one in Saratoga New York. One of the best martial arts festivals in the North East, if not the entire country. Check out its website for more information.

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